The Corner cannot do its work without the ongoing support of partner agencies and other professionals.

We will soon be launching a log-in area for professionals which will contain a variety of free online training. This will be aimed at professionals who may consider referring or signposting a young person to The Corner, or for those looking for more information on some of our areas of work.

In the meantime, if you would like us to upload any training resources your organisation may be looking to promote, please get in touch. You can also contact us if you would like anymore information or would like to discuss a young person.

Fearless have put together free online resources for professionals which provide a range of exercises on different crime types that you can use to challenge young people’s perceptions, stimulate debate and encourage good citizenship. Click here for more info and to download their resources.

ThinkUKnow have also listed free online resources on their website for professionals, parents and carers including supporting resources for their film Exploited for their film Exploited shared below which explores issues of emotional and sexual abuse within teenage relationships.

Exploited is designed to be delivered through structured sessions delivered by professionals in schools, youth groups and other settings. 


Dundee Violence Against Women Partnership have useful resources available for professionals on their website, including a section on working with young people experiencing VAW issues. To access these resources, please visit their website here

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