Confidentiality is about privacy and respect.

It means that information about you is not shared without you knowing unless it is important to keep you and others safe.

When you visit The Corner, speak to us over the phone, through our video call service; Near Me or in social media messages, we need to keep records to show what information we need to provide you with the best quality service. This information is not shared unless it is vital. You have the right to see any notes we keep for you.

Can anyone find out why I have used the Corner?

No – you may have used The Corner for any of its services.  It’s important that you protect your own information and think about who you tell. Please bare in mind that if you use a shared computer, laptop, tablet or Ipad at home that you use to communicate with us, that you log out of your private email address or social media. If you are worried about this, please speak to us about it.

How private is my information at the Corner?

Using The Corner and any information you give to Corner staff will not be discussed outwith the Corner without your say or written consent.  If staff have a concern about your safety and well-being or the safety and well-being of others, information may have to be shared. Where possible this will be discussed with you and a decision will be made together about what to do next.

Where is my information kept?

All information you give us is held on a secure digital system called EMIS. This is a system used (by) many professionals in the health and care field. This means other workers can see the information but due to confidentiality they cannot use the information without your consent.

Please also visit our Privacy Policy here which explains where the information is stored that you share with us through our website.