Being a parent or carer can be a difficult job. If your child is struggling it can feel overwhelming and worrying. 

You are not alone, this is common. We are happy to speak to parents via email or phone to guide and reassure you. Although we do not work directly with parents and carers, there is support out there for you. If you get in touch we can guide you to the right places. We have also included some links below which might help.

My child has visited The Corner, can you tell me why?

Parents are sometimes concerned that their child coming to The Corner is kept “secret”. This is not the case, we have a confidentiality policy to protect their privacy in line with Scots Law. However if we have concerns about your child we will pass these on to the appropriate professionals. We always encourage young people to speak to their parents or carers about their visit if possible. If you phone The Corner about your child’s visit we will not be able to speak to you in detail. However we can discuss our work without breaking confidentiality.

Useful websites:

Information for Parents on Mental Health: Mind – for Better Mental Health

Information for Parents on Sexual Health: Sexual Health Tayside

Support for Single Parent Families: Gingerbread

Parentline: Children First

Advice on Raising Children: Parenting Across Scotland

Advice on Caring Responsibilities: NHS Inform

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