About Us

The Corner is a young person’s health and information service based in Dundee City Centre.

We offer a wide range of Health & Information services through our city centre Drop-in and outreach work. Services are all free, informal and confidential. Services are for those aged 11-19 years (and up to 25yrs for those in crisis).


Enable young people to look after and improve their own health and wellbeing.


  • Deliver high quality, person centred safe care.
  • Promote early intervention and prevention.
  • Reduce health inequalities.
  • Identify and support unpaid Carers.
  • Protect young people from harm by ensuring effective arrangements in place to identify, escalate and respond to concerns.
  • Build capacity of staff, partners and young people to improve health outcomes.


  • Accessible to young people across Dundee so that they can receive right advice and support at the right time and place for                 them.
  • Holistic, person centred and focused on enabling young people to achieve their personal outcomes and be protected from                 harm.
  • Underpinned by excellent governance arrangements so that an assurance is provided regarding the quality, safety and                         effectiveness of the advice, support, treatment and information provided.
  • Implemented collaboratively within The Corner team and partner agencies so young people receive advice and support that               is integrated from their perspective.
  • Responsive to Carers so that Carers receive the support they need to continue in the caring role.
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