Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID19 government restrictions, all initial appointments are currently done over the phone. You can book your first phone appointment here. You then may be asked to come in to The Corner’s Drop In entrance. We will arrange a time that suits you.

When you do arrive, please wear a face covering if you have one. Don’t worry if you don’t, we will have one that you can have unless you are exempt. There will be a member of staff at the desk to welcome you when you first come in and we ask that it’s just you that comes in for your appointment at the moment. Our staff are all really friendly and will talk you through everything. 

The Corner is a confidential service, which means details of your visit will not be shared with anyone else, regardless of your age. Staff may need to share information outwith the Corner only if there are serious concerns about you or another young persons safety or wellbeing. You will always be kept fully informed if information needs to be shared with anyone else.

At the moment we are asking if it’s just you that comes in for your appointment due to social distancing. Sometimes this can be better as you may be asked personal questions. If you do need someone to accompany you, please speak to the member of staff about this when they speak to you over the phone first. 

No. It is important that staff speak to the person that requires the service to ensure they receive what they need and so that it can done safely.

Yes, symptoms of STIs can be silent so even if you have no signs it is important to get checked out just to make sure.

No we are a confidential service and that means we would not pass on any information unless we thought there was a real concern.

Yes there is a chance of pregnancy so it is important to use protection if you are planning to or are having sex.

Although this is unlikely there is still a chance of getting pregnant so it is important to use a form of contraception such as condoms.

Yes there is something called pre cum and there are thousands of sperm in this and it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant.

If you contact us, you will be able to discuss your situation with a worker who can support you to access temporary accommodation then support services. We can also talk to the housing support services on your behalf, and most important is to make sure you are safe.

Yes you can, every young person is welcome to speak to our team at T Corner, even if they are unsure what they want to discuss. Contact us and we can arrange a chat. One of the things we do is help you to get your priorities in order.

We will not put you in hospital; however we will work with other services to make sure you get the best care possible. Self harm is a way of coping with troubles, not the most positive or constructive, but we would never force you to do anything.

You can contact us and discuss your situation with a worker. They will explore your options and support you to access services that can help you.

It is really up to what you decide. Sometimes it is hard to say no to friends as you may be scared that they will laugh at you or start to leave you out. But it is your decision, for support on how to handle this, come in and talk. This sounds like a really difficult situation you are in. You are more than welcome to discuss your feelings with a Corner worker, and build your confidence in order to do what is right for you.