Health and Wellbeing


Sleep is important to our physical and mental health. Not sleeping properly can have a huge effect on our energy levels, concentration and normal functioning. Have you ever stayed up all night and tried to go to school the next day and concentrate?

Sleeping also has an effect how healthy we are in general. Not getting enough can lower your immune system which can result in getting ill more often, so things like colds are easier to catch and more difficult to shake off. Our habits can often lead to poor sleep. Here are some suggestions to help get a better night’s sleep:

  • Avoid energy drinks and caffeine, especially later in the day
  • Wind down and relax before bed. Put that phone or tablet away!
  • Check if your phone has an evening setting, on Iphone this is called ‘nightshift’ and on Samsung it is called ‘night mode’
  • Think about your diet, a healthy diet can help sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do more exercise, a tired body and a tired brain help you sleep better



Lots of people like a treat, whether this is a take away, some chocolate or your favourite fast food place. Treats are good and it is ok to have these now and again but a healthy diet is important for all aspects of our lives.

If we do not eat properly and give our bodies all the nutrition it needs then our physical and mental wellbeing begin to suffer.

Eating also fuels our bodies and makes them work properly. A car doesn’t run without petrol, in the same way our bodies don’t work without food!

The other essential is drinking water. Water keeps our bodies functioning; keeps our brain alert and helps our bodies get rid of toxins. Try replacing sugary drinks with water even just a few times a day.


Switching Off

Having a busy life can put additional stress on us. Having a lot of school or college work can make it difficult to prioritise or organise our thoughts. Add to this social lives and families, and jobs or other things we do and life can get a bit too full! During exam time this can be even worse.

It is important to switch off and relax. Take a step back and breathe. Try turning off your phone and just chilling out. We need to give our bodies and our brains a break now and again to help them rest and get back the energy we need to keep going.

Lots of people don’t want to miss out on all the latest gossip and news, and don’t want to miss a night out or a catch up with friends but it is ok to say no. Taking on too many commitments can be very stressful, can interrupt our sleep and make us run down!

Relax, spoil yourself with your favourite treats and breathe!


Crisis Support

Sometimes things happen in life we cannot control or fix straight away. People can find themselves in need of help straight away with no option.

Staff at The Corner are available to support you in times of crisis. These can include becoming homeless, feeling suicidal or not having enough money to look after yourself. These are just some examples but there are lots of different ways we can be in crisis. Please contact us here.

At The Corner we will support you in every way we can and will continue to support you until we know you are safe.

We are a registered organisation with Dundee’s Foodbank and can organise a food parcel for you if needed.

Support is available in person in The Corner Drop-in or via phone or video chat.

Here are some useful links if you find yourself in crisis: