Mental Health

Read more below about Managing your mental health and how we can support you to do this. please contact us if you would like to speak to a member of our team about any concerns you may have.

Our Counselling and Emotional Support Services

What We offer If you are struggling with your mental health or just feel you need someone to talk to, we offer different types of support depending on your needs. After your first appointment, we will suggest which type of support you might benefit from and will talk you through

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Getting Support For Your Mental Health

What is mental health? It’s normal to get upset or worried sometimes, that’s part of life. Having good mental health simply means that you are able to enjoy the good times, but it also means you are able to cope better when times are bad. You can look after your

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Crisis in Ukraine

If you are feeling worried, overwhelmed or anxious about the current crisis in Ukraine, please take a read through some of the suggestions that we have put together: Click here to view The Corner’s Linktree We will be trying to keep our linktree updated throughout this worrying time, where we

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We are looking for a Senior Sexual Health Nurse


Confidentiality is about privacy and respect. It means that information about you is not shared without you knowing unless it is important to keep you and others safe. When you visit The Corner, speak to us over the phone, through our video call service; Near Me or in social media

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