Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief

To Absent Friends Festival 2020

We were thrilled to be a part of the ‘To Absent Friends Festival 2020’ which took place across Scotland from 1 – 7 November 2020.  Appearing in public spaces, across social media, among friends, families and communities, and in people’s minds and hearts, the festival looked a little different this year due to the pandemic.

Here at The Corner, we have seen firsthand how young people’s feelings are not always addressed when it comes to death and grieving. We have previously addressed this issue with our ‘Elephant in the Room’ health campaign in 2015, and we continue to work in partnership with other organisations to offer support to young people.

However due to COVID-19 and the increase in associated Mental Health concerns during this unprecedented time, we were keen to be involved in the ‘To Absent Friends Festival 2020’ and be involved with this worthwhile project. To Absent Friends Festival gives people across Scotland a positive reason to remember, to tell stories, to celebrate and to reminisce about people we love who have died. To Absent Friends, a People’s Festival of Storytelling and Remembrance is an opportunity to revive lost traditions and create new ones.

With thanks to the festival’s support, we took inspiration from the Truacanta project; an initiative of the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care and created our ‘feathered wings’ display with by two young artists from Dundee Young Carers.   The aim was to create an effective window display which engaged young people and the general public.

Teenage years, although fun, can also prove to be an emotionally difficult time. If a young person loses someone it can be incredibly difficult for them, and they may feel like their world has come crashing down.  We currently offer one to one support and counselling services to all young people (11-19 years and up to and including 25 years if vulnerable) and would like to remind any young people reading this, that we are always here to chat.

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