Cool2talk is an interactive website where young people in Tayside can get health related questions answered honestly and correctly. It is ANONYMOUS & CONFIDENTIAL!!   It offers reassurance, encouragement, information and advice on any health related issue as well as signposting to appropriate services.  Its target audience is young people aged 12-18.  

"The reply I got from this site has made me feel so much better. Just knowing that someone is out there thst would listen to my problem and try to help, helped me in itself. This site is wonderful. Thank you so much".

Young people can post a question onto the site and get an answer within 24 hours.  When accessing the site they will be asked to give some information. age, sex and the first part of their postcode.  This cannot identify you!

Through this data we can get an overall view of the usage of the site while maintaining confidentiality.

There is now a mobile site where you can post your questions confidentially on the move.


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