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  1. Safer Sex

    There are many things that you need to think about when you start to think about having sex. It is well known that many young people have taken part in some kind of sexual activity before their 16th birthday, so it is important that young people of all ages have the correct information about sex…Visit Page

  2. Alcohol

    At The Corner you can come and speak to someone about any aspect of alcohol and we can then work with you either on an individual basis or by linking you to specialist services.Drinking alcohol is a massive part of our culture and most young people who drink alcohol do so without…Visit Page

  3. Healthy Eating

    It is quite confusing trying to figure out what are healthy foods when most products in shops claim to be nourishing, low fat, low sugar good for you one day and bad the next.If you feel that your diet is causing you to stop doing things that you would like to do and you are needing someone to…Visit Page

  4. LINC

         Thursdays  4pm - 5.45pmAt Ninewells Sexual Health Clinic  What is it?‘Linc’ is a contraception and sexual health clinic in Ninewells for young people aged 18 and younger. It is open between 4pm and 5.45pm on…Visit Page

  5. Risky behaviour

    SexDrinking alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions, and makes them more likely to do things they would otherwise not do. Young people are particularly at risk because, at their stage of life, they are still testing the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour. One in five girls (and…Visit Page

  6. Corner History

    The Corner history goes back to the 90’s – young people were not using existing services and were taking health risks.The Corner has developed its practice based on the principles of the United Nations on the Rights of the Child with the best interests of young people as the core…Visit Page

  7. (Re)presentation

    The Photography Group have created a Self-Image gallary, exploring themes of identity, confidence, respect and social status within healthy decision-making.  The concept of image and identity is one that can capture the imaginations of young people and inspire their creativity. …Visit Page

  8. Mental Health

    What is Mental Health?We all have mental health, it is how we think, feel, and act when we are faced with the challenges of everyday life. We all have to face challenges, make decisions and deal with problems. Our mental health depends on how we deal with and cope with these problems, as well as…Visit Page

  9. Cool2Talk

     Cool2talk is an interactive website where young people in Tayside can get health related questions answered honestly and correctly. It is ANONYMOUS & CONFIDENTIAL!!   It offers reassurance, encouragement, information and advice on any health related issue as well as…Visit Page

  10. Eating Disorders

    Few of us are completely happy with our bodies or body shape. We are constantly being shown images and stories by the media to believe that being slim and to look and act in a certain way equals being beautiful. There is also the myth that if you are slim and look a certain way that this will mean…Visit Page

  11. Self Harm

    The term ‘self-harm’ is used to describe a range of things that people do to themselves in a deliberate way with the intent of looking for some kind an emotional release. People who self-harm display this in a variety of  different behaviours including cutting, burning, hair…Visit Page

  12. Suicide

    What is suicide?It is extremely important to be aware that most people who are thinking about suicide do not want to die, they simply want to stop the pain and suffering that they are experiencing. Suicide does not discriminate and affects everyone regardless of age, gender or culture. It is…Visit Page

  13. Gender Identity

    We determine the gender of other people almost immediately by thier gender-associated cues such as clothing, body shape, voice, face shape, mannerisms and behaviour.  For the vast majority these gender-associated cues match up with the gender they identity as, however for a small…Visit Page

  14. Anxiety/Stress

    We all feel a bit anxious and under pressure at times. Some examples are, before an exam, meeting new friends, being unsure about your sexuality, or trying to fit in. Normally we are able to cope with these feelings, but when the levels of pressure become too much this then leads to a person being…Visit Page

  15. Self Support

    We don’t always want to talk face to face with someone, so why not link into these self support websites and find out how you can support yourself. (it is always advised that you can seek advice first as these websites may not be appropriate for you depending on how you are feeling).Please…Visit Page

  16. Depression

    At some point in our lives we will all feel unhappy, down or sad. We may feel sad because of things that have happened to us, for example a family member or friend becoming ill, having difficulty coping with school, being bullied, or falling out with friends. However, when these feelings become…Visit Page

  17. Men Only

    Sometimes it can be difficult for men to access information specifically aimed at young men’s health, so for websites dedicated to young men’s health visit one of the sites listed below.Male HealthMens Health ForumMen Only TaysideIf you have any questions relating to mens…Visit Page

  18. Young Carer

    Do you think you might be a young carer?Do you need to find out more about what a young carer is?Are you caring for a parent or relative and need support?Then visit young carers for further…Visit Page

  19. Community

    Bored at night and need something to do?  Do you feel safe?  Do you want to make a difference and help others?  Is there something happening that annoys you in your street?Through out Dundee there are youth workers providing activities and groups for young people aged 11-19, this…Visit Page

  20. Education

    Problems at school?Find it difficult to attend?Exam stress?Education is very important for you and your future but sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate or attend school/college/university if you are struggling with family issues, ill health or bullying. If you or someone you know is…Visit Page

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