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  1. Body Changes

    As you grow from child to adult your body changes and you start to feel differently about all sorts of things, including relationships. This can lead you to feel insecure about the way your body is developing and what this means in future relationships.  You may feel unhappy about the changes…Visit Page

  2. Relationships

    You have different levels of relationships with everybody you know, which can be complex and cause emotional problems when things are not going right.  Do you fight with your family members, friends or boy/girlfriend.  Are you unsure how you can make things better and this is making you…Visit Page

  3. Sexuality

    You may be experiencing confusion with your sexuality and not sure whether you like boys or girls.  You may know you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Asexual but scared to talk openly about this or not feel supported in this. For more information on Sexual Orientation click here.  What you…Visit Page

  4. Process

    The peer-led process recruits S2 pupils who undertake the programmes as volunteers through extra curricular activities.All training and delivery sessions within the process are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence - Health & Wellbeing, and clearly identify where the programme is…Visit Page

  5. Accreditation

    All young people involved in the programmes have the opportunity to gain accreditation for their work through a number of awards, including:Dynamic Youth AwardYouth Achievement AwardSaltire Award  Duke of Edinburgh AwardBoth Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement…Visit Page

  6. Peer-led Resources

    Peer led approaches at The Corner have had the benefit of Media worker involvement for a number of years. Some of the media opportunities young people have taken up have involved the development of exciting, interactive resources for use in a range of settings. If you would like…Visit Page

  7. Drugs

    At The Corner you can come and speak to someone about any aspect of drugs and we can then work with you either on a one to one basis or by linking you to specialist services.Are you worried about your own drug taking? Do you know someone who is abusing or misusing drugs? If you're concerned…Visit Page

  8. Papersparks - Episode 1

    Episode 1  Next…Visit Page

  9. Papersparks - Episode 3

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  10. Papersparks resource

    Six friends meet up during the Summer holidays. When one lets slip that her parents are away at a conference, the others get excited at the prospect of a free house.Paper Sparks was written and produced entirely by young people involved with the Dundee Peer Education Project and covers a wide…Visit Page

  11. Papersparks - Episode 2

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  12. Papersparks - Episode 4

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  13. Papersparks - Episode 5

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  14. Papersparks - Episode 6

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  15. Papersparks - Episode 7

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  16. Papersparks - Episode 8

    Episode 8Back to peer-led…Visit Page

  17. LGBT

    LGBT Youth Scotland is a youth service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people aged 13-25 years old.  An LGBT Worker supported by volunteers is based at The Corner and is here to offer you support, advice and information around sexuality and gender identity.  They also…Visit Page

  18. Smoking

    You can come and speak to a worker about smoking and stopping smoking.  Workers can also help you to find out about other places in Dundee that can help you stop smoking. For information click here.  The health risksPeople who smoke regularly are more likely to develop…Visit Page

  19. Youth Information

    Young people come into The Corner for support and information on many different issues. Is there something you have heard of but not sure of what it means and afraid or embarrassed to ask? Do you need to find the courage to challenge something/someone in your life? Is someone making decisions on…Visit Page

  20. Housing

    Are you experiencing problems with the neighbours?  Is your landlord threatening to evict you?  Are you unsure what your rights are?  Are you struggling to deal with all the responsibilities and bills?Are you thinking of leaving home, but have nowhere to stay?  Are you scared…Visit Page

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