Syphilis is a complex sexually transmitted infection that affects both men and woman.

1.  Early Syphilis can be easy to miss because many people show no sign that they’re infected. 
2.  You may see two stages: 
     A few days after sex a small sore on the penis, the opening of the vagina, anus, mouth or tongue can appear.                  This is often painless and heals by itself, although it can be painful.  
     A few days to many weeks later a rash can develop, most noticeably on the skin, particularly on the palms of the            hands, and soles of the feet, and, often on the chest, stomach and back.
     You may also have swollen glands, headaches, aches and pains, hair loss, deafness or eye problems. 
     These symptoms may disappear within a few weeks but you can still pass it on to others, even if you've never had            any symptoms.
     You may have no symptoms.
3.  Late Syphilis can damage many organs if it remains untreated.  Damage can be done to the brain, nervous                    system, bones, eyes and other organs, and this may not be apparent for years.    
Vaginal, anal and oral sex all pass on the infection, even if you have had the infection before you can catch it again. 
Until recently, Syphilis was not very common.  However, there has been a rise in the number of syphilis infections, particularly amongst young straight/heterosexual people in Tayside. Syphilis and HIV testing is now offered at The Corner which involves a nurse taking a small sample of blood.  
If you have any concerns about syphilis or your sexual health please contact us.  

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